Introduced in 2022, the DESTA Entrepreneurship Program was launched to directly address the needs of Black Anglophone entrepreneurs in Montreal. At DESTA, we offer a range of valuable resources for both existing entrepreneurs and those just starting out. These resources include mentors, business networks, workshops, coaching, and help with getting the funding needed to launch and run a business.

In collaboration with CEDEC, DESTA offers individualized coaching to entrepreneurs at any stage of the growth cycle. DESTA is also developing an in-house consulting agency, DESTANATION Consulting Agency to serve Entrepreneurs and Organizations within the community.

Black Entrepreneurship Business Bootcamp

Empower Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Presented by the Concordia Community Service Initiative (CSI) in collaboration with CDNBCA Ujamaa Initiative for Black Entrepreneurship (UIBE) and the Desta Black Community Network (DBCN), the Black Entrepreneurship Business Readiness Bootcamp is a transformative 12-week program that equips Black English-speaking entrepreneurs in Quebec with essential skills and strategies for business success.

Tailored for entrepreneurs who have been hands-on in their business for five years or less, this comprehensive Bootcamp, led by seasoned educator Dave McKenzie, along with guest instructors from his extensive network, comprises five dynamic modules. Each module serves a unique purpose:

  1. Business Description: Refine your business concept and mission to lay a strong foundation.
  2. The Marketplace – Industry and Market Analysis: Gain insights into your industry, identify target markets, and analyze competition.
  3. Sales and Marketing: Learn effective sales and marketing strategies to elevate your business presence.
  4. Business Operations: Learn methods to have efficient business management and organization.
  5. Financial Projections: Acquire the tools to create financial projections and approach funding agencies confidently.

    Next Cohort Date: TBA

Throughout the program, participants will craft and complete robust business plans, enhancing their capacity to secure funding and cultivate the skills necessary for successful business management. Open to registered businesses or those eligible to register in Quebec, the Bootcamp offers a supportive environment to learn, connect, and thrive. 

GrowthWheel Coaching

We offer qualifying participants and community entrepreneurs exclusive access to tailored support. Through one-on-one mentoring and the innovative Growth Wheelⓒ platform, we empower you on your business journey.

Growth Wheelⓒ goes beyond conventional tools, addressing not only tactical solutions but also emotional barriers entrepreneurs often encounter. Articles focusing on emotional decision-making challenges are integrated, alongside practical worksheets covering 20 key business aspects. These areas span Business Concept, Customer Relations, Operations, and Organization.

Guided by a GrowthWheelⓒ coach, you set your pace, discussing priorities and forging a path aligned with your goals.

Workshops and Networking Opportunities

By informing ourselves of the specific challenges and aspirations of Black Anglophone entrepreneurs in Montreal, we aim to thoughtfully design or host workshops that directly address these needs. It is our goal to provide an engaging, informative, and relevant platform for learning. 

We are dedicated to creating a dynamic learning environment that not only imparts valuable knowledge but also encourages collaborative learning amongst peers. Our workshops not only offer insights and skills but also foster a sense of camaraderie and shared experience. We understand that networking is a fundamental aspect of entrepreneurial success, which is why our goal is to offer workshops that provide a space for meaningful connections to flourish. As we gather in a supportive community, the exchange of ideas and experiences enriches each participant’s journey.

Interested in our programs ?

Please use the following link to register for the Black Entrepreneurship Business Bootcamp (BE Bootcamp), GrowthWheel Coaching, and programs from our partner, UIBE. You may also use the form to request more information. Please expect to be contacted via email within 5 working days.

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